Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My phone is a "she"!!!

Human nature.

Most cool machines, cool gadgets, people just like (love) to call them "she", example, "the ship is sinking! She is sinking!", or "this sport car is my wife".

I call my PC a "she", and her name is "Hungry PC", and my skate is my wife too, although don't have a name yet.

Actually do you know that even hand phone has gender? From TienSoon new techblog, I found that my phone, Sony Ericsson K600 has a codename, Mirai.

Cute name?
Her name is Mirai.

And for another popular SE phone W810 is Helen.

Fusion white W810 

For other Sony Ericsson phone's codename, please visit here.

TienSoon pointed out that all Sony Ericsson's phone has female codename, only FEMALE. haha!

So as a conclusion, phone do have gender, maybe not all, at least for Sony Ericsson.

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christina said...

Mirai sound like a malay girl.
She must be a beautiful great girl.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

christina: yes, she already "served" me for 2 years plus, and still work fine~~

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