Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks to my YCS! Appreciate a lot.

Just now at Sri Kembangan Mamak shop, we have our usual Yam Cha session, but the end some special occasion happen.

I became like this...

YCS celebrating me and Bobby's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday V(me) and Bobby.. hahaaaaa..

With my Dai Gah Zeh Karen. My eyes can't open, the cream get into my eyes with contact lens! Lucky I wearing hard lens, no big deal.

CK who try to pretend that's his cake.

Cake cutting session (pretend like couple)

Some new YCS member, 2 Karen(s) inside there.

Jameson and I.

Tabulated... Yeng?

Jameson the maid. Kakak, tolong potong kek ya~ pandai. Haha, kidding, thanks!

Sit down, Bobby, no bone for bad dog!

Eddy and Karen, nice couple huh?

Personal Thought:
Thanks Kok Min and all YCS members for this "surprise"~ Actually my birthday not yet come, it's 17th May, you all just make it earlier, as next week is exam week, need to study, gambate!

This is my 3rd birthday cake in my life, thanks you all for arrange this simple event, and my wish is YCS Happy always, another private wish, not telling you all~

Actually every year, the simple thing that can cheer my birthday up: a SMS greeting, a phone call, by someone I care and care for me, enough, as cheap as possible, cake can be secondary, not so important, as long I can feel my existence among you all can really cheer me up, really.

And Bobby, nice to work with you~

Again, Pi x 100x10^23 + 142.573 x 312^56 of thank you to YCS!

Friendship forever.

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christina said...

Happy Birthday!! It's very creative of the cake V and two candles(symbolize hands).

Bobby said...

Lol Happy Bday man. Nice working with you too :P

VHanded Cheepeng said...

christina: 2 candles means 2 guys birthday~

bobby: haha~

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