Friday, May 9, 2008

I try to help, although not much.

2 days ago, I read an articles in library, and the sentence struck me:

Current university students don't equip with these 3 qualities:

- care of this world;
- make own judgement;
- have moral courageous (or means take moral action)

What they know is to study hard, get a god damn good result. Even parents also encourage them in the wrong way.

You just need to study hard, the rest don't care.

Later at home, I knew that I didn't read news for a long time. And when enter, the headline make me want to cry!

On May 2nd, Myanmar was facing suck a big disaster, 22500 people dead, 40000 missing, and increasing, while I don't know anything until 7th May! And no one talk about it too!

When the exam approaching, no one ever give a damn to radio, news, media. I know this time I have to do something to help out.

Thanks for Eddy tips, I donated RM100 to the rescue fund for Myanmar Cyclone.

How can I help?
1. Pray for them;
2. Volunteer to help out, locally or remotely;
3. Donation.

How to make Donation?
I send my money to World Vision, using Postal Order (Wang pos).
1. Go any POS Office branch, ask for the amount you need.
2. At front, write down "World Vision Malaysia Bhd".
3. At back, write personnel information and "Myanmar Cyclone".
4. On envelop, send to

World Vision Malaysia
PO BOX 8171,
Kelana Jaya,
46783 Petaling Jaya,


Beside World Vision, The Star and Mercy Malaysia also collecting donation for Myanmar Cyclone Nargis.

This is an emergency, low on food, medicine, clean water, and love.

Featured Pic

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaks with The Associated Press Friday May 9, 2008, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Gates Foundation has donated US$3 million for emergency relief efforts in Myanmar and will provide software to help reunite family members separated in the cyclone, Gates said Friday.

Today's Quote:
Although sometimes human will fight, but in critical time, human helps each other.

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christina said...

Hey..that was very thoughtful of you!!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

1 famous quote from Bill Gates: This world is not fair, try to adapt to it.

but i believe everything in this universe should work in a balance matter, if you rich, you have to give out; if you've a smart brain, you have to help back the society; same like Spiderman popular quote: great power comes great responsibility.

I know I have some extra money, so I helped out, and this make me feels better than use the money to hang out in malls.

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