Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ended of Beta Chapter

Acknowledgement: this title is originally by K-5.

It's fast, the time is fast. Beta year of MMU study has ended.

Remember first time I am here, WE used to say "Melaka Sucks!", seniors in Melaka always describe here as Desert; in term of entertainment, Melaka really sucks, but that is not a big problem for me, as I don't require so much cinema and Starbucks; but in term of food, Cyberjaya is expensive and very little choice... And I love Melaka for food.

Summary of Beta
I have gain a lot, and of course lose some, but all these 'property' I do treasure well, to write down on blog so can remember forever; of course not all can be written here, but I try very hard not to forget any page of this story.

This is the most interesting part. From Melaka to Cyberjaya, Friends break apart by a 200km(??) highway. Here IT friends are Aaron the Black, Ramesh the Milo, Su the Milk, Kok Ming the Cocker etc, not much.

In first semester, all my classes has many 'people', but I don't know them~ Some I think are together from Melaka, some are so-called-seniors who fail the same subject N-times.

After joining CLS Orientation Camp, my friend's list fold to 5 times more, and because of the camp, YCS formed, soon 1 year anniversary.


Everything happen with a reason

A lot of my friends are made after an event: discussions, group works, club activity, etc. In class, although study for 3 semester, I still can't know all names, or at least some popular one.

Thanks to group work, I know Leekian, Teressa, hao ming etc.
Thanks to club activities, I know Xuan Hao, SiouKee, Bobby, Eddy, Lens, Johnny... Too many, don't blame me to left some of you out.

And because of these friends, we have a small inline skates community~

The hater part.

After entering beta year, I realize university is no more like secondary school. But in Alpha year I still feel same like secondary school, haha.

Screwing subjects is my current profession, especially the latest final exam. Although previous result still consider not bad, still maintain above CGPA 3, but it's dropping slowly, slowly.

Love the time rushing assignments, making my programs work, writing report. It makes my life feel less empty.

And now I know more about myself, my strong ability, my weak ability, my study style, timing, requirement, target.

So, I still have control of it.


My House
A lot people don't know where is Cyberia Cresent. I have to describe like: "in front MMU one ah, the colorful wall one ar~", then people will reply: "oh~~".

My house is beautiful, no wall facing direct sun shine, in front my balcony is a land of trees and forest, sometimes can see squirrel playing hide and seek in the bushes right in front my house.

My room is big, the biggest room in the house. I am smart, paying the same price, but getting my private washroom(but sometimes other may use it), big area, with balcony, 2 fans, 2 lights.


Aiya, forgot to mention, no borders, no walls, and the house door is my room door. Yes, I staying in living room~

My house has 6 persons: Su, Yeoh, Jia Syan, Jing Xiang aka Ah Kong, and OTG, one more? Me lo. All engineering students except me and Su.

My Love Story
Once upon a time, there is a little girl...... haven't start yet, no story, maybe next chapter?

So, this is summary of Beta, gain and loss, is the brick of building dream castle, every moment is so valuable; Like solving puzzle, every pieces are so important, cannot lost one.

I am still very glad I choose MMU, I am still very lucky to know you.

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Khays said...

I really thought you've got the best room. But it's cool.
Congrats upon completion of another year in uni!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

khays: yes, it's cool. I love this room than those with walls and personal door.

If I have choice, I prefer to not graduate so soon.

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