Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caffeine is bad, thrust me.

A lot of people said they don't have effect on caffeine, I used to said that. But recently, I found that it strongly affected me.

First experience
When the time I bought this PC, I drank a cup of coffee at mamak stall at 12am, end up I woke up at 1am, and roll and roll and roll until 4am, can't sleep, so I decided to wake up and assembly my PC.
That time I thought the 'caffeine' is the PC, not from the coffee.

Yesterday Experience
Yesterday I had 2 exam papers to sit, so I make myself a homemade Nescafe. Later 5pm after exam, I went Old Town for my 'lunch', and ordered another cup of coffee. But, the new worker made mistake, and she gave me 2 cups of coffees! So, I just take both.


At night, my whole body numb and stress, from neck, shoulders, arms, and both legs. I can't concentrate on everything, so I went to sleep, but can't sleep. Even slept, easily woke up by any sound and mosquito, 10 minutes once!

Is that caffeine effect?!

Weird Dream! Shit!
The whole night having a god damn weird dream, something like I setting up server in my computers, downloading Apache, hosting games, etc. Damn stress dream! In real life I can't even do that!

Went for a Jog
At 6am in the morning, my limbs still feel numb. I believe the numbness is because of bad blood circulation. (But caffeine should increase blood circulation, isn't it?) I woke up and take a jog to Cyberpark (it's a park in Cyberjaya, but nothing looks cyber in the park, only a big clock).

This is the path I ran, from Cresent to Cyberpark, then walk surrounding MMU, and back to Cresent. (click to enlarge)
I need 15 minutes non stop jog to reach Cyberpark. The rest I just walk, used 55 minutes to make a round of MMU, about 4.87km.

After jog
Feel much better, numbness gone, everything back to normal. I think I can go back to my bed now, lucky no exam today.

Caffeine Fact:

  1. 4 cups of coffee per day is consider too much, depends on bodyweight and type of coffee.
  2. overuse of caffeine make the person nervous, anxiety, muscle twitching, etc.
  3. Caffeine increase stomach acid, high usage overtime can lead to peptic ulcer or gastric.
  4. 300mg caffeine is consider overdose, which 1 cup of brewed coffee(207ml) contain 80~135mg. Averagely 3 Cups = 322.5mg, I am seriously overdose.
  5. Caffeine too have benefits, read yourself from the link below.

** from wikipedia

Today's Quote:
Never never never drink too much coffee if you have a very important stuff to do tomorrow.

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christina said...

When I was young I drank a cup of coffee and had headache ,then I vomited .That was when I promise myself never ever ,ever never drink coffee...until now I still don't drink coffee...
You had a nightmare experience of coffee...COOL!!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

christina: Haha! some people just cannot take coffee, like my friend, to him, coffee has effect like Whiskey(alcohol), he can't talk properly and walk properly after coffee.

COOL? I prefer a good night sleep... haiz

keeyit said...

I am a weird person too. I can only drink nescafe 3 in 1. Starbucks, coffee bean, old town.. cannot !!! Once I drink I cannot sleep at night.. Haha

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