Sunday, May 18, 2008

SNS at Lake Garden

This is the largest SNS we ever been! With total of ... er, 15 persons shown up?

guys from MMU are Me, Su, Hao, Ben, Kok, and ... should we count Eddy in?

Kok that lucky fellow won the lucky draw t-shirt~

Random pose.

Pre skate pic, MMU rocks!

I realized I didn't took much picture during the skate, as the terrain is quite sloppy, UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN,.

And at the almost the last round, I don't know which part went wrong, and I felt.

Some minor scratch, no pain no gain, haha~

In such a high speed downhill skate, and I only have minor scratch on right hand and left palm, is very lucky indeed. People too wonder why so minor only? No injured on knees.

I am getting Pro in falling, hehe.

Looking forward for the next SNS in Putrajaya, we will skating with Singapore Skateline Members!

Today's Quote:
People said bleeding on birthday is not a good sign, but it's lucky if compare to serious injury.

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