Friday, November 21, 2008

Gmail got new skin~

This morning when I log in Gmail, I realize something changed. Is it because it loader the HTML view? But I immediately notice it's not HTML view.

GMail has theme now~
gmail theme
Now, when you are emo, or happy, you can change the theme to suit your personality that time.

Some theme is location dependant, means the theme will change, depends on the location's weather, day or night etc, cool~

I tried some of the theme, all not bad, like Beach, Mountain, Summer Ocean and more. But finally I choose Tea House.

Tea House has a cartoon style, that blend with Japanese culture, with warm color, feel comfortable with it~ Like still in my childhood time, playing under trees and picnic.

tree house
Have been using this gmail account since 2004, and still my best choice for e-mail, everyone shall try it~ Send document using gmail, and save the environment~

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cm said...

use gmail got sth to do with saving the environment o?

suern said...

i also use tis skin
is cool
where it change due 2 time 2

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