Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Wife~ Casio Watch.

Targeted this watch since before last semester final exam started. My previous watch died, for what reason? Don't know.

Always told myself, only if score a targeted GPA, only can buy.

But when the result came out, so far from my target, really disappoint, feel like all hard work wasted.


I seriously workout! So I want to buy this watch~

I browsed on forum, to find this model, and glad, I found it. It's plain, not much design. Some people said it's not worth to get this with RM310. But I like it, simple.

Plain design. Other reason I choose this is because it has Day function.

The parcel was on my table when I came back from class. Hapi! Inspect the box, it's wrapped with nicely and using ABX Delivery.

The dealer's writing.

Wrapped with newspaper.

The Watch's box, with the watch, warranty card, and manual book inside.

It's not my size initially, need to take to watch shop to remove extra connector on the metal band. FOC, haha.


Please visit the dealer's forum, there are a wide range of other models available, haha!

So happy when I found out this model selling at retail shop tagged with RM480, but I get it at RM310~

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suern said...

is a cool one
simple and jus nice

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