Sunday, November 2, 2008


My grandma had stroke attack few months ago. The strike caused her left side can't operate well, include left arms, left legs, left face muscles etc. So hurt to see her can't do anything.

We found an association in Penang island, name NASAM, or National Stroke Association of Malaysia. It's a non-profit organization to help stroke patients to be independent, and to recover -- partially, if not fully.


The association is run by a group of volunteers and trainees, from universities around Malaysia. Some volunteers are dance and aerobic trainers.

We sent grandma over there every morning, to undergo the recovery training.

The leader of the training activities. He is demonstrating simple activities like stretching, expanding arms, breathing, carry items etc.

Volunteers are leading the patients to dance with them.

What is Stroke?
Stroke is the dead of brain cells, caused by blockage of vessels in brain, thus cut off the oxygen transportation to the brain cells, and cause permanent damage.

The damage caused certain parts of body not functioning, and need further rehabilitation to regain their living skills as much as possible.

More information about Stroke, refer here.

I can't do anything for it, just pray everything will be fine.

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Che-Cheh said...

Pray for your grandma well being.

I thought of bringing my grandma to NASAM but too bad nobody can fetch her at that time. We brought her to a physiotherapy session at one of the hospital so that she can learn how to exercise to restore her muscle strength.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

che-cheh: never know so many people infected with stroke... Pray for your grandma too. Now she can walk herself, good improvement.

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