Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Youth Park, Penang

I can't remember last time I been there. Although as a Penangite, I will get lost easily on the island. The only mall I know how to reach by driving, is only Queensbay Mall, sad right?

One morning during sem break, while fetching my grandma to have physiology exercise at NASAM, me and my brother drove to Youth Park, which is just beside the NASAM center.

Green green place, like it so much~

See people doing exercise with the machine.

No feeding to monkey - this will make them offensive.

extreme game rink. This is the park that inspire me to skate, then I realize my skate's type is not suitable for it.

Swimming pool. But less people in weekdays, as these pools are design for children.

Youth park's dog.

Top view of small part of Youth Park. This place is cool, less sunlight, all blocked by big trees.

Monkey king, other monkey family hide into the trees when they saw us.

Dinosaur's eggs.

Last time while still schooling, my dad used to brought us here, having fun climbing those metal bars, playing "chu chu pan", now study in U, and they getting busier, then I never been here before.

How nice if we can travel in time... but current time is not that bad too, feel grateful for everything.

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