Sunday, November 16, 2008

Janda Baik Project

A friend of mine is doing a T-shirt selling campaign, to raise fund for her project. Below are the details:

Hi everyone,

Child Development Psychology Club of HELP University College is organizing a one-year long project in Janda Baik, an aboriginal people's village, to motivate the children to learn more about the world outside their place and to study for a better future.


We are now printing T-shirts to raise funds for the project.
Each T-shirt is sold RM22. All the money will be used for facilitators' transport, materials,  food for the aboriginal people and so forth.

Attached is a print of the T-shirt, which will be black based.

Design of the t-shirt~

Please make your order by mail or to me in person, and indicate the size that you want

XS: 16inches
S: 18inches
M: 19inches
L: 20 inches
XL: 21 inches

A deposit of RM10 will be collected upon confirming the order. T-shirts will be ready for collection by mid November.
Please lend your helping hand and spread the news around.
Thank you.

Secretary of Janda Baik Project

Any enquires and orders, please email thanks!!


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casey said...

aww~ thanks! The children will be grateful to your help. (^^)

Anyways, we went and came back, will post photos and stories soon!

keeyit said...

Ok.. looking forward for the photos.

Boss said...

Vhanded, can I place the order through you?

VHanded Cheepeng said...

boss: sure! I can help you to order, details please? (Size, quantity etc) thanks!

Boss said...

can I know the cuttinf of the shirt? like, how big really is XL? i'm just worried it might be oversize for me. not sure I want L or XL.

Boss said...

give me one XL. how to pay?

casey said...

XS: 16" (inches)
S: 18"
M: 19"
L: 20"
XL: 21"
(To be safe, measure your T-shirt's width with a ruler for size)
note: XL is now out of stock but will be ordered by monday (23/11/08).

thanks for the support, boss!

Boss said...

ok then, I want one L.

by the way, ever think of putting a shoutbox?

casey said...

Alright Boss!
Thanks for your support.

casey said...

Oh yea~ the blog post is out. Not much detailed info, but at least a rough idea what we did that day~
check out my site alright?

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