Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Langkawi Trip

Early in the Thursday morning departed from Butterworth to Kuala Kedah, thanks to our insane driver Boon Loong (aka BL). Together with other Green Club people, Gan, VP, WL.

Kuala Kedah port. It's a heavy rainy morning, but we still managed to reach there in 1 hour, with average speed 140km/h. This is call insane.

Schedule board. Not bad, feel like a mini airport.

Negotiate with the ferry guy. Actually the fees are fixed, just he introduced a car renting service and took our RM40 without explaining to us clearly. Screw him, better take it on the island after inspect the car carefully.

Typical fishing village at Kuala Kedah. See the sea water like Milo.

(Help me.....) BL got hard time during the ferry trip. In fact, everyone had. The wave is not calm, and the ferry is jerking up and down for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I am glad I didn't vomit out, thanks to a pack of  Fishermen's Friend. (but still feel very very dizzy)

This is the water at Port Kuah, Langkawi port. See the water is so clear~ (it's raining that time) Compare to the Milo at Kuala Kedah, this is much much better. Why? Not sure, maybe Kuala Kedah has more mud?

Rented a car. 24 hours for only RM40, dirt cheap.

Our place for sleeping. Bella Vista, RM120 per night, quite cheap too. Actually I don't mind where to sleep, just need some place to sleep.

This hotel is like Disneyland, but same like last time the Berjaya Hill, no people.

VP by the poolside. Nice place? Yes it is.

Langkawi also have paddy field? Ha, it's part of Kedah.

Mahsuri Tomb
First place we visited was Mahsuri Tomb. Who is she? Google for it, lazy to explain here.

See this cute little girl playing Malay traditional music instrument, very nice melody. After performance we gave a lot claps claps~

Mahsuri is sleeping in there. 


Black Sand Beach
This tourism spot is odd. Not many people that time. We all know the sand is black, but never know is really THAT black!DSC05479

Black like shit...

Mr Gan and BL is advertising themselves on the beach. (But later the wave will clean it)

What the Fuc* is this?! This place is seriously polluted and damaged. The rubbish is everywhere, and a large part of the beach was flowed away by small stream of water slowly. Guess will gone in few more years, lousy government. Visitors also should responsible for that, "some" came here, and pick a handful of black sand as souvenir, die la.

Yay, another se7en~

Black Sand Beach Cat. So elegant.

Had dinner at Kenny Roger Roaster. They served the side dishes first before the chicken, because the chicken is not yet cooked. Very weird phenomenon here, all malls, even the busiest port mall, have very low visitors, so they can't cook the chicken early, else it will become not fresh to serve.

RM1.60? Drink mineral water is more expensive than beer...

Our "supper". Go Langkawi must drink alcohols, because it really dirt cheap here. So after some drink, feel damn high, everyone laughing with no reason. (!!) I slept until no feeling... ei? it's morning liao~

Langkawi Char Kue Teow. Look almost like Penang one, just the price doubled. Here only beer and chocolate are cheap, other stuff, nah. But hotel and car renting are cheap too.

Langkawi cat, kawaii~

Nice view from hotel second floor. Sad is no beach, only sea view.

OK, very big. (..............)

The morning we went for breakfast, and shopped for some chocolate and alcohols at the local shops. I bought some chocolates, for dad and mom, cousins, friends. yum yum.

Big Eagle~ Go Langkawi must visit this big bird. Why? Don't know, but make me feel the trip is completed. Took a lot crazy pictures with it, hahaha~

So nice, except no 'L' and 'I'.


More group photos.


The ferry back to Kuala Kedah is not as terrible as coming time, maybe the sea is calmer and we choose the back seat, plus bought sour stuff to eat. Hehe, did some homework.

This trip is not expensive, with the chocolate, is about RM200 per person. (for me la)

The last time I been there is 6 or 7 years ago, not much memory. Now going back, feel not familiar at all, maybe not change, just feel fresh.

Certain tourism spot is seriously polluted, like the Black Sand Beach. Due to limited time, we can't visit more places, don't know other place's condition. But can make an assumption: those who take entry ticket survived, other free entry spot died.

5 guys trip, just nice, enough seat in a car, enough sleep in hotel, fast enough to make decision,

Maybe years later, I shall visit again.

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suern said...

seems hols r great
enjoy more
as there are alw lots 2 discover
5 in a trip r the alw best

VHanded Cheepeng said...

suern: FUN FUN~ will visit more place next time~

I think, a trip become fun, is not the place you visit, is with who.

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