Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Green Green Green!

Today is the last day of Green Club's Green Week, yea!

I am totally GREEN for today, from green contact lens, green shirt, to green under (er...), and doing green job. I am GREEN. Trying to take a photo of green contact lens, but very not obvious in photo. But just for today, as the lens is 1 day use only, free sample, and also my first soft lens experience.

Realize that I never post anything about this Green Week, so here I will briefly talk about it. Actually this Green Week is to promote Green Club to the campus, and based on the theme 3R Campaign, which is Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

For the past few days we collected a huge amount of recyclable items like paper, plastic bottles, CDs and aluminum cans, from our booth at Central Plaza, lecturers at respective faculty offices, and also fellow students who stay in hostel block.

I felt the coolest part of this campaign is the Petition.


Self promoting~

Doraemon so cute, who draw one? I think is me... haha!


Besides, the few hundreds kg of recyclable items is still the best thing we did. (Sorry forgot to take photo of it)

Very tired, still need to do recycle after class until late. See this 2 boys who still don't grow up, so happy~

Save our planet, reuse, reduce, recycle.

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yung . said...

I'd totally love to join you in this kind of activity if i'm in cyber. Help the nature!! I represent those who I can represent, to thank you. =]

Boss said...

I signed too!

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