Monday, November 24, 2008


From my house, collected all the water bottles.


I lost count with the quantity.

Some of it. Imagine how many plastic bottles used?

This is just the bottles in my house ONLY.

First step is to reduce.

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suern said...

my speech for my managerial comm sub also recycle and i mention tat recycling to safe

together work 4 green

生番薯 said...

long time din visit here...din found out u so green!y nvr invite me join ur green action?

yung . said...

Woo I think this is very common among hostels. My house seldom have this kind of bottles because all of us uses TUPPERWARE hahahahha!

Green Club MMU said...

suern: earth needs us~

rawpotato: everyone is invited~ just depends you want to join or not~ Mother needs help, dont just care about yourself when you feel thirsty, at least recycle, thanks~

yung: Motherearth thanks to you~ I also very seldom buy plastic bottle drinks.

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