Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moving Day~

This semester(7th Nov 2008) I had moved my house, from Cresent to Cyberia Townhouse, yea~

Bobby and Karen came to help me (Bobby owed me money, Karen too boring), so thanks ya! Appreciate it~

With Bobby's Kembara, I never thought still need 6 rounds to carry all my stuff. I never know I have so many stuff here, simply list out some: 3 tables, microwave oven, shirts, desktop computer, bed frame, 2 swivel chairs, etc. blur @.@

Assembling the bed frame.

The car is seriously pack with my stuff, V~

Trapped. Help~

See anything?

Before: In Cresent.

"Part" of my stuff.

Very messy!

After: In Cyberia Townhouse

Em, much better~

As I have a "hallmate" -- Yan, with me, make this house 11 tenants in it, very happening, and my rental is just RM100 per month, happy~

Cool temperature all day long, and is VERY near to campus. After I counted the footsteps, I update this post~

Sorry for the late update, I don't have my Internet connection in this new house for few days.

Special Thanks to Karen and Bobby for helping~

Bobby Delivery is really good, provide on time service, and never complain, 2 thumbs up~ Please visit  ("sometimes" domain will down), or call 04-1234567~

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Che-Cheh said...

Woah real messy. So how many trips you need to pindah all your barang?

yung . said...

Lol I understand, moving house is SICK! All the tiny mini things all come out until I don't feel like moving. Luckily, I'm no more moving in Penang now. Booohooo!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

che-cheh: 6 trips~ scary.

yung: yea, moving is really nightmare.

Boss said...

The domain is ALWAYS down.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

not always, sometimes. you gonna keep trying, maybe can connect once after 1 million tries.

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