Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update of My Birthday

My birthday for this year, 17 May, was over.

This is the happiest birthday I ever celebrate in my life, never have so many friends, strangers, bloggers, Friendster, so many, I can list them out. First is the Friendster power, without it, no people ever bother when is my birthday.

Yes, none of my wish list show up. Difficult to get laksa in Melaka, and the keyboard is too difficult to get here. For the SMS... we are friends.

Yesterday, 19 May, is the last day of my exam, all IT students in MMU were like free birds! And according to Aaron, he want to go Friends Cafe at Melaka Raya to celebrate it, and because next semester, some friends will stay at Melaka and some will move to Cyberjaya to continue our degree study. On my birthday, my room mate Tjun Kit, reminded me that after exam, you will feel 'good'(that time I thought about he will do some birthday surprise, but don't know what he will do). So, me, Aaron, Julian, Eng Soon, Kok Min, Falix, Zeng Hui, Ramesh, and Tjun Kit all went to Friends cafe.

As usual, order food, drinks, and wait. Suddenly, they change the background song to birthday song, and a waiter sent a birthday cake to our table! Walao, not for me right? My birthday passed already la..... and it was really for me. I never have my own birthday cake for more than 13 or 14 years, and never celebrate it with friends, and never think about it, I just hope someone will remember this day, and I feel very happy, no matter there is any presents or cake.


OK, after sang birthday song, and according to Penang Tradition, one have to take out the candle on the cake with mouth. Oh no... I know what you all will do... The big candle change to small candle, and small candle change to small decorations, how can I get it?! For the first wave, I successfully took it up and without cake on my face. Sounds started: "sporting la! Don't struggle la~"... What to do? Relax and let them push my face into the cake, and walk around in the cafe with chocolate cream on my face to take photo, so embarrassing!

s***, looks damn terrible.

black Aaron, me, and Kok Min.

Me and Tjun Kit.

Then was a long chit chat session. Tjun Kit some more give me a birthday present! It's a webcam. Wow, some thing that not appear in my wish list shown up. Whatever, thanks for that, really appreciate that.

At night, we play futsal until 2am, and came back and sleep. Yesterday is the happiest day in my 3rd sem.

*I bought a Windows Vista Ultimate Retail Pack Edition at a dirt cheap price from Singapore, and it arrived on my birthday, so I assume it as a gift for myself; yesterday also bought a iCute Casing from a reseller from LowYat forum, really nice, like it a lot, will write a review about it later.

Thanks friends, thanks Tjun Kit.

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Kleio the Muse said...

Sounds like a fun birthday celebration. Your friends are so sweet. Even if it is belated, it's the thoughts that counts. You're so lucky.

Wah, you bought Vista already. Means more to blog about then. Tee hee hee

vhanded said...

ha, this can consider my first birthday cake and birthday celebration in my memory, really happy. Lucky? Maybe.

I tried Vista for some times, on my friends new Dell laptop, but it still not mine, and I dare not to make any changes and configuration to it. Now with my own, hehe...

Bengbeng said...

oh..sorry. happy belated beithday..however you look the most handsome man among people with choc cream all over the face hahahha..

happy birthday

hcfoo said...

happy belated birthday..hehhe

vhanded said...

bengbeng: thanks for the late reply. I look handsome?! You are the first one who said that.

hcfoo: emm... kind of late, but still accetable. haha

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