Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Ampang Weekend

I went to Ampang last weekend, and I skipped the fund-raising event and my study time, because my parents coming down to KL, and I never see my grandpa and grandma for so long time~

Actually is to attend a far far relative's wedding, which is my grandpa's sister's brother's daughter's wedding.... I don't know how to describe the relation...

The wedding night at Ampang
In Chinese tradition, the parents' of the marry couple will book a hall or restaurant, and invite friends and relatives to have a feast, to enjoy and celebrate together. The dishes are following the same 1-by-1 serving concept, and I found the food that can't be finished was so wasted! I try to eat at much as I can, but there are still so many, pity to see those creatures who being serve on table, but end up in dustbin. So jealous with the couples, when will mine appear?

The poor bride
Almost in every wedding dinner, bride will got a lot of comment, like: "Work hard" for a baby, form a football team family, all related with baby... is like turning the bride into baby machine.005

KL Tower and KLCC
I admit I am not the first time to been here, especially KLCC, I been there so many times and lost count now, but my dad and both grandparents are the first time been here, as they are working in Penang, plus crazy busy work. Mom is not coming, need to in charge the business and work flow...

my dad

KL tower, world 4th tallest tower(not building)


The view from KL tower with KLCC at the back.

the ceiling view of KL tower before entering the lift.

this camera is not those super duper wide angle camera, so cant take the whole building~

This is my first post related with my family, hope will be more coming soon.

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