Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I withdraw money from PayPal

So excited! I am going to use my first batch of money from blogging to get myself a slalom skates(what is slalom?), Micro Seba High!

And to share the process during withdrawal from PayPal to my Visa, I took a few screen shot, click to enlarge:



withdrawal limit is the amount I can withdraw yet in this year, because my account is not premier account which can do unlimited withdrawal.

just 3 easy steps can withdraw the money from PayPal.

What I not satisfy is:

  • 5 USD for a transaction.
  • 5~7 working days to complete the transaction.

No matter what, I am so excited to wait for Kok's brother to get the skate from Singapore for me, I am so crazy with it!

Seba high, waiting to ride on you at maneuver through the cones!

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yung . said...

I also wanna withdraw my money adi.. hope to hear from you more..

Supergirlfriend said...

hey..congrats vhanded! Haha..getting your skates soon eh..Good for u! :p

vhanded said...

yung: sure, later 5-7 working days will tell you all.

supergirlfriend: yes! dream for it for so long! touch...

Malcolm said...

congratulations. You should upgrade to Premier account. it cost you nothing and allows you to accept more payments at a much lower transaction rate.

Wuching said...

you could've find an online store that accepts paypal to buy the skate from.

vhanded said...

malcolm: thanks for the tips, but I am not the heavy user yet, in the future maybe?

wuching: of course I thought of that, but it's too expensive, and need to pay for delivery charge too... end up i need to pay twice the price.

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