Saturday, December 1, 2007

Discrete Structure... Sucks.

This is a post about the subject I taking now, so maybe some of you don't understand.

Discrete Structure, aka DS aka damn sucks aka deep shit, is a subject for MMU IT students. It can be easily found with Google, so guest how popular and important of this subject in Computer Science studies.

I am currently facing DS or deep shit, as I am a self learner, no point for the lecturer talking crap in front. Every times, I mean every times, when I want to concentrate in class, the longest I can made is 15 minutes, then will sleep or doing other stuff, as my mind will fly to California.

1 thing that self learner worry, is don't have good study materials. Online notes by MMU sucks to the max! Although people call it notes, but inside only have definition and quiz without solution...

I facing a difficult time to search online to study, and asking friend, thanks Su and Hao, I am now just half the shit only, still able to dig a way out of it.

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ivy said...

I totally agree with u~! DS sux! Currently facing the same situation as u, self learning coz malacca campus lecturer sux too. Haizzz...midterms coming, and i still dun understand this crappy subject. :(

ps. btw, i'm ivy, frm PT03. lol.

vhanded said...

ivy: thanks for dropping by! This is what we call deep shit, I am deep shit.

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