Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why you pull away my Ferrari?!!


Why you pull away my Ferrari? Put it down! I just simply driving while wearing skates, is that fault in Malaysia? I don't know that!?

Kidding, this is just a equipment for a movie shooting group at Putrajaya yesterday night, while I skated with friends and members from Skateline. It's a Ferrari! But I not sure whether it's just a casing or a real car...

Anyway, nice chance to be there, and I think this is just another Malaysia's Mat Rempit movie......

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yung . said...

Hohoh! You are really lucky, seldom can see ferarri in this kind of condition you know..

yung .

vhanded said...

yung: That's mine! kidding. Hope it won't crash in the mat rempit stuff.

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