Tuesday, December 25, 2007

As usual, Bintang Christmas Eve.

Again, to this lost-your-mind Christmas countdown.

This was the 3rd time I went there for countdown, and this year is more aggressive that previous year, see the photo to understand it.

Caution: loads of photos, may load for a while.


These things selling god damn good over there!

Demon's head decoration, instead of Santa Hat... generation is changing.

Me in a very disgusting after-sprayed look.

Spraying party~ I hate the compression gas from the cans!

Here comes the aggressive scene... With the wiper took off, and can't wipe the snow away... bastard.

See this motorist uncle...

Pushing the car... or shaking the car left and right.

How to drive like that? 

I wonder the contents are made from CFC? Hope not, will kill the ozone layer.

Where is him? It's on top of a pass by Kancil's roof top.

This guy is driving mad. He is holding a spana. In this situation, if you're the driver, the smart thing is not to fight back or hon, just a smiley face is the best way to don't get you into trouble.

This guy is driving mad too, he called police to help him out of that situation.

I much much prefer this moment. The first Coffee Bean in my life(don't laugh la)

Yesterday I just bought 4 cans with RM10, and after finished it, I enjoy taking photos. Em, since I study in Cyberjaya, I sick of the city, so crazy, so lost control. I am all the witness along the car spraying and pushing and climbing and cans throwing, really no interested in enjoying the fun in destroying people's property...

I can't find place to relax around KL.... I am so love Penang.

Today's quote:
If you thing you're right, no wrong, then just do it;
otherwise, stop it.

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Jasonmumbles said...

I would say, bunch of idiots who sprayed at people's car and motorists. Not everyone wants to engage in the so called fun and why can't they leave the road users alone.

The guy holding the "spana", could be a frustrated driver.

Wuching said...

lots of picture files but no pictures

vhanded said...

jason: yes, he is frustrated. I feel so sick of them, so and never spray at cars, just took photos.

wuching: is it? No problem here, and jason also can view it~

Che-Cheh said...

Wow so crazy! Where is this place? Bukit Bintang?

narrowband said...

I never like to go to that place. I used to go when I was younger cuz I thought it was 'hip' to join the rest downtown, especially on the eve of xmas and new years. People turn unruly and people get hurt/injured... makes things ugly. Too crowded.

And to think that young sexy gals love to go there stilll... haihhh

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