Saturday, December 1, 2007

Crysis: Maximum Game

For the whole week, I am so busy, busy saving the world from Alien Invasion. My name is Lieutenant Jake Dunn - codename NOMAD, is a US Special Force who was sent to a tropical island at South China Sea, to locate and rescue archeologists who were captive my North Korea Army. Korean army willing to spent so many soldiers to secure that island, they must have found some very important discovery.

I am wearing a newly developed nanosuit which developed by US Army, with the ability to boost all the human ability on battle field, watch this:

The first few days, my teammates were sacrificed. We don't know who took them, not the Korean, and not while having the nanosuit on.

Paradise Gone
When approaching Korean main base, I was captured, and successfully escaped, but escape into the structure of alien. After I re-escape again to the sunlight, the whole tropical island was changed into a snow world, everything freeze under 200 degree below zero......

Aliens attacking us, human, who was in chaos. I make my way to the USS constitution, but worst thing happen, the warship transformed into a battlefield, and this plot the beginning of human-alien war, on earth.

Roughly say, this is the best game I ever play before!

Superior graphic, super real physic, almost everything in the game is destructible! I just love the Nano Suit!

Something to regret: I should get original version of this game, as this is really a worth play game, sorry to Crytek Developer who developed this game for years, and I been waiting it for years too, since the expose during E3....

Crysis is a first episode of a trilogy, and there will be 2 more episodes coming out, and I will get original version of it!

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