Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This morning because of PTPTN, I skipped my Discrete Structure class, and I never felt regret, as the tutor sucks!

As usual, according to Malaysia's time, everything late for almost an hour, the officers too. With all shit documents which not require actually, sitting there and wait for those people to "explain"...

Need to sign so many documents, wtf.

for the exactly same documents, I need to sign 4 times, and the agreements with is 8 pages long need to be sign 8 times, and total of 32 times... stupid ass. After read through the agreement, I sign all the pages stupidly. And to my surprise, we still need to pay for the 3% interest rate, i thought it was cancel out!

DSC00370This show how "effective" their work, and so environmental unfriendly, whatever, I got my money, that is it!

I waited for this loan for so long time, just because I don't want to rely too much on parents, as they already spent more than 10 thousands for my alpha year and my first sem tuition fee due to the ineffective PTPTN website application, which now cancel out, back to OMR form application.

In Malaysia, a new thing that implemented will look cool for the first week, then spoiled at the second week, and back to the traditional way in the third week~Su

Compare to other engineering students, I study for only 3 years, so there will be total of RM49,500.00 only, means 1 year I will get RM16,500, minus tuition fee around RM14000, the rest may enough to cover 1 year of living cost.

The MMU loan officer who talking in front with the tone like grandma... "You all must listen, this is for your own good~"

I hate this, no systematic at all... sleep first.

Take loan is not because we love queuing up for trouble, is because we have not enough money.

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Supergirlfriend said...

I love PTPTN.
They made it possible for me to get a FREE degree! Heheh :p

BTW, nice blog!

vhanded said...

supergirlfriend: walao, what you mean free? you dont plan to pay back?

Supergirlfriend said...

haha...no la vhanded. I was among the last batch to get my PTPTN loan converted to scholarship because I got a first class degree. Lucky me! :p

But if you take a loan from PTPTN, it's best you pay back because they will really hunt you down. Some of my friends have to pay one lump sum because they thought can escape!

vhanded said...

supergirlfriend: you're damn lucky~ I wish I could be that time, or just blame those bastards who never pay back and now government got no enough money to subsidies first class students... But still enough money to send a pig to the space to demo how to wear batik! 14 billions ringgit you know!

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