Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's on air session

Em, this is the first post about on air in this semester in our MMU own radio station, RMMU, and it's only the 3rd time for me to run the program with my new partners, JC and Wilson~

Is it the last time? Don't know, but nice to have chance to fly together with you 2, without guidance from senior, which only make us freak out.

Taurus Wilson, Leo JC, and Taurus Vee~

Horoscope? I never thought I will talk about this.
Weird, and so lucky, I being put into this session and discuss about weekly horoscope, yearly horoscope, or anything related with horoscope. Me who is usually so not believe in fate, but still manage to run it, quite ok la, I feel.

At the middle of session, a group of students who attend on air course next week came in and kacau us, damn it! We kept playing songs to delay the time, so our advisor can explain how to control mixer and simple on air techniques. Half an hour gone because of that!



Just now JC said next semester want to talk about Horoscope again, and I shown like....(can I change title? Actually still nice to talk about it.), and I think again, actually the title is not important, what make me so like this club is because I feel really relax after an hour of chatting, the interaction between DJs, which can't be seen when I talking outside with friends(I am like always abandoned, no one reply my asking or comment, maybe because of my deep voice), but in the studio, I feel like I can be what I want to be, to fly on air.

After night class is our CLS(Chinese Language Society) Dong Zhi event, I went late with Hou Ming, as our class until 9:30pm, so just went there and finished their food, not to make Tang Yuan.

This is Tang Yuan, in case you don't know. It's made from flour with flavouring, and boiled in sugar water. It's Chinese tradition to have this simple dessert every year before winter, to symbolize Together.

CLS homemade Tang Yuan, in cube~

Together? I wonder... A new crazy act I will do next is...

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hcfoo said...

congrats to you! and the tang yuan looks kinda cute to.

Supergirlfriend said...

hey, you went on air? Haha. That's cool! :p

生番薯 said...

sad i cant listen to u on air...but the tangyuan hor...not made by flour right??some kind of nasi pulut powder...

vhanded said...

hcfoo: congrats to me for? The Tang Yuan is nice, and some creative people make assorted shape into it, like burger...

supergirlfriend: yes, a lousy DJ from MMU.

rawpotato: it's ok, the time is every week 7pm. The Tang Yuan ar... Should me by flour, although I never see the making process.

Erictan7 said...

ei nice nice.. the tang yuan lookss cool.. said...

My sister also study mass comm but at UPM.. seems this field quite fun

yung . said...

Hey, why not make it on air on your blog?

yung .

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