Tuesday, June 3, 2008



1. 拥抱的感觉。
2. 完成任务的感觉。
3. 牵手的感觉。
4. 忙碌后休息一下的感觉。
5. 看她笑的感觉。
6. 了解一件事情的感觉。
7. 自愿帮人的感觉。
8. 被称赞的感觉。
9. 朋友出来yamcha的感觉。
10. 出国旅行的感觉。


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christina said...

the success feeling that you work hard into.

Khays said...

1. the feeling of being rich and buying stuff without worrying about the price.
2. the confidence of talking to people
3. the feeling of care-freeness
4. the feeling of joy

yung . said...

The one that I enjoyed most is the feeling after an accomplishment of a task, but the one I need most at the moment is the feeling of being hugged. :)

VHanded Cheepeng said...

I see everyone love the same feeling, which is the feeling of accomplished a task.

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