Monday, June 9, 2008

I miss my Karate-Do Training...

Yesterday, Lean Choon invited me to join(not participate) the annual Interschool Karate-Do Tournament, but for some reason, I end up became a judge... haiz.

See the junior competing Kata (a set of movement) and free sparring, make me recalled back my old time training with my friends, my trainer, and joining all in-school, interschool, national tournament, very fun.

Now in MMU, I stopped my training, due to busy university life and other reasons.

These pictures make me feel young, yet old...

See the judge holding red-blue flag? And wear like a China man? It's me... That's not my shirt, not my size!

"Ai Wu Zhong Ling" (Love my Chung Ling) I do.

Another girl Kata participant.

Punch into the stomach.

She changed a lot in 2 years.

My souvenir (a whistle) from Lean Choon~

A whistle engraved with "义心流钟灵三校杯”(Isshinryu Karate Interschool Tournament)

This is my so-called sister, with the same eyes and smile like me~

(Today I feel proud of Chung Ling
Tomorrow I share my Glory with Chung Ling)

4 idiots posting in front the wording that make us so touch and proud.

A lot of people don't like Chung Ling students, maybe a lot of us too concentrate on academic and lack of other skills (don't count me in, I am adventurous~), or maybe they envy the result in terms of academic and any fields that we can achieved.

Today's Quote
Malaysia Boleh? No... Chung Ling Boleh!

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Anonymous said...

Convent is my alma mater. Not Chung Ling.

Why ppl dun like Chung Ling's grad?

Cos they are very proud of themselves.

It is thier perception that Chung Ling is the best.

And they are so proud to brag over Cheng Ling.

Convent is also as good.

And we are friendly, sociable and not always want to be in our "clan" like Chung Ling ppl.

No offence...Just a comment based on my interaction with Chung Ling ppl.

BTW: I like ur blog.

Keep up the excellent reflection

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Anonymous: Yes, everyone will said their schools is the best, so which schools is no. 1 is not matter.

Thanks to point out that some Chung Ling students feel too proud of themselves and cocky, which in fact appear in all kind of schools or even societies, not only Chung Ling~

And the main reason that you feel difficult to mix with Chung Ling people, may because of language, sometimes those people who speak Chinese not feel confident to speak English with Convent people, and vice versa. Not sure, just my 2 cents.

I am flexible with both languages(at least no "la meh lo")

Thanks for your comment, and I am open minded to receive criticism which is logical.

Khays said...

ya, regarding "being proud of their own school", i sort of can feel that after I mix around with people from other schools.

Knowing that people know 'chung ling' is pretty ...good.

Few weeks ago, my friend just bragged about how convent is always the best. Ha~

I guess, ya, no matter which school you come from, it's a part of you. which you learn to like overtime.

Erictan7 said...

Chung ling is the best!!! Woho!! not even convent, jit sin can fight!! WOOHOO!!! i m flaming here ^^

no la.. jz joking.. actually all the schools are good. It is just how u feel about your school. Maybe some ppl boast about theirselves being chung ling ex.. but i think they never criticize other schools.. so peace man. Be proud of your school!!

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