Thursday, June 12, 2008

Never be another Iwase Ken

If you given a second chance, how you want to change your past?

I always tell myself, never regret in all my decision. Actually this is more like what human use as an excuse when fail a certain things, but in fact, it is the best way of thinking I have now.

Proposal Daisakusen, プロポズ大作戦, or Operation Love, a very nice Japanese Drama.

The design looks childish, but the story is very meaningful.

It's about a guy, Iwase Ken, who always think there is tomorrow, and wasted a lot of chances to propose to a girl that he admired since childhood. On her wedding, he is not the bridegroom, feel so regret and want to have second chance to change everything. A sudden magic sent him back to time where he has second chance to propose to the girl.

Today's Thought
I do missed a lot of beautiful scene, and I know I can't go back and look at it again. What I can do is to prevent any beautiful scene pass by my shoulder again without my notice.

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Khays said...

I watched this. Ha, kind of cute, but quite lengthy.

Erictan7 said...

lengthy?? 11 episod lengthy?? taiwan drama n hong kong drama 20 or 30 episods... a lot more..

this drama rocks... chee peng.. i really cried.. din intro u wrong le.. wan nice drama refer to uncle tan.

Khays said...

Sorry, i meant "draggy". Ha~

Khays said...

and, haha, why are you being so defensive?

VHanded Cheepeng said...

11 episodes, just nice, and is it draggy? Em, when the time you thinking of: "tell her la!" or "propose la!", then you feel draggy.

Nice story, indeed.

btw, who you mean "defensive"?

Khays said...

Defensive was to Eric.
He sounded a bit defensive with the "lengthy" word.

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