Friday, June 6, 2008

Oil Price increased, so IT employees....

A sudden increment of RM0.78 cents per liter, became RM 2.70 per liter. All this burden will put on the people -- Malaysians.

People said, Malaysia as petrol exporter, but can't provide her people with cheaper price. Em, what is cheaper price? Do RM2.70 consider cheap? Depends with who to compare.

With previous price, it's definitely expensive, but if compare with Singapore, China, etc, RM2.70 is still the cheapest price in Asia.

A joke from , the guy has to trade his arms and legs for petrol...

Cheap, but still expensive for Malaysian!
Yes, it's cheap if make such comparison, but for average Malaysians with less than RM2000 per household, is consider high.

See how the chain reaction affect IT employees:

1. Petrol price increase.

2. Transportation cost increase.

3. Almost everything that rely on transportation increase, include cost that delivered from factory to hypermarket.

4. Service sector like IT and Hospitality hard to adjust their cost, because the only main raw material for them is time and their people.

5. With their salary remain, but their living cost increase, they have to plan very very well for their every steps.

6. Salary can't adjust much but productivity have to maintain or increase, IT employees will work under high stress.

7. High stress from work can lead to: hair loss, hot temper, etc.

8. ........

Is this true? Those real IT people out there please correct me if wrong.

Inappropriate Inflation
10 cents increment for 1kg flour, lead to 20~40 cents of increment for Gardenia bread, so I boycotted them for half year.

Today's Quote:
For every cent that you spent on something(except petrol), it means you are voting for the product. If you don't like the quality or price, don't vote it.

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