Saturday, June 21, 2008

How old am I?

I just passed my 20th birthday last month.

However, does it means that I am 20 year-old?

Yesterday I tried a biological age calculator in Alamanda Putrajaya, and it showed that my biological age is....

What? Guess la!























16 only!

So I am actually still not yet 20! Wow!!


Do this is good sign?
But a 4 year different with actual age is not a very proud thing. The analyst told me that I lack of nutrition, not enough eat, bla bla bla, which I can say, I can eat a lot like no one can imagine, and I eat according to nutrition balance, so don't tell me I lack of nutrition.

Here are some data from the device:
Body weight: 45kg
Fat percentage: 9.6% (essential to dissolve vitamin A, D, E and K)
Muscle weight: 38kg (84%, not bad~, does it means muscular? haha)
Heart fat index: 1 (healthiest)
Bone density index: 2.X (not very good)
Carbohydrate intake: 1140 kCal (normal is 1400kCal)

7 or 8 person of us take the test, and quite accurate, means those fat people get very high biological age, and those skinny like me get younger, normal get closer age.

Why is there such free test?
Of course, nothing is free. If it's free, means someone is trying to take your money. The lady who did the test for us later start promoting her nutrition products, which I don't give any attention, because the lady is FAT (means the product is not effective to maintain your health)

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday.

I agree with you nothing in this world is free.

However, human being sometimes it is difficult for us to trust ppl especially in the big city.

F_M said...

happy Bday. Your 20!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

anonymous: yea, i dont like big city life. I always carrying the sentence: "If you do good to others, they will do good to you.", but i know this is not always true, so for all actions taken, think about my side first whether it's worth.

f_m: late, but I accept, thanks!

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