Sunday, June 1, 2008


I realize I didn't post comment about this incident in my blog, my friend's blog, media, etc.

But every time I see the picture and listen the news from media, I try to control me tear.

Why? Because the background music? Because the reporters are good? Maybe, but what make me so emotional, is I never see so many Chinese from the whole world gather together, donate money, donate materials, help out at First Line.

I strongly agree, China's leader Wen Jia Bao is a very good leader, respect.

Value of Life
From this disaster, I realize the value of life. No matter the peoples or bodies buried under the collapsed building are someone the rescuers know or not, but they try so hard day and night non stop to get them out. 20 days had passed since the disaster, and the chance of survive is approaching zero, but rescue team never stop.

This is not just a Trend.
Most of the time, people only care of an incident when media post about it. When media stop talking the news, people become cold out.

For most of us who're so lucky, when media stop talking about it, public stop collecting fund for it, so people start to forget it.

But, not for thousands of children, old parents, and handicapped people who lost their everything, EVERYTHING.

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