Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Software Engineering

What make me choose Software Engineering?

My dad want me to study medic, which is not my profession, so I never consider it. Thanks to my dad who respect my decision.

So I choose Engineering. Which engineering?

First I choose Civil Engineering, because of 1 article. "Malaysia is a developing country, so we need civil engineering to build infrastructure and building.....", but think twice, it's so difficult to find job currently, bullshit.

Second, I choose Electronic Engineering, because of plenty of vacancies. But too many friends choose this course, make me feel not special. And now I glad I didn't choose it.

Third, I want something that can be do solo, flexible, and high creativity. IT is the one. But, which one should I choose? Since previously I choose engineering, so this one should make it Engineering too.

Here born: Software + Engineering = SOFTWARE ENGINEERING

Simple reason huh? Sounds like a stupid who never thought much while making decision.

So I actually choose Software Engineering before I choose MMU.

And from Software Engineering, I choose MMU.

And thanks god I do made this decision.

Funny comic about Software Engineering, click to zoom it.

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Tien Soon said...

"I want something that can be do solo.."

This is only true, but to a limited extend :D Software engineering is not a solo game, unless you are implementing in a very small scale. In fact, like any other field, software engineering is all about collaborative team work as well. In the industry, a software project is usually broken down into modules. Besides accomplishing your assigned module, every software engineer has to work together, and make sure the joins between each module are not broken. Further more, in a project, software engineer has to communicate with system analyst, project manager, and software tester as well.

But, I do agree that, comparing to many other fields, software engineering is one of the easiest domain to venture in your own business. Simply because the start-up cost is low, as long as you're equipped with the skills needed.

All the best man! You're bright

Jasonmumbles said...

LOL at the comic.

Khays said...

Why is it only me that don't get the joke?
Cheers to your dad, it's a blessing to have parents who listen and support their children's decision.

christina said...

Cool Picture ,but I don understand it.hehe=P.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

tiensoon: Thanks for your comment and advice, remind me a lot~

Jason: the comic, haha!

khays: Yes, my dad all the while giving suggestion only, I am the one who take the path, really glad.

The comic ar... From the first pic:
1. Customer explain into very complicate.
2. Project leader misunderstood it.
3. When pass to Analyst, they design into some shit structure.
4. Programmer mess it up.
5. Business Consultant describe the outcome like very perfect.
6. But what customer wants is actually simple.
7. And the software is not supported.
8. But bill like the cost of roller coster.
9. And only part of the software installed, not complete.
10. and the project is not documented, means no record and 'How-To'

This is Software Engineering terms, if you understand it, it's funny.

Christina: Haha, same word from me to Khays

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