Wednesday, June 25, 2008

IT Salary has the sharpest increment this year!

According to Kelly Service Annual National Salary Survey, Information Technology sector and oil and gas sector are having the sharpest increment in salary, which their base salary increase by 30%**(from The Star Daily), and also introduced A LOT of new job title in IT sector.

Do this prove that my previous "joking theory" about increased oil price will kill IT employee is totally wrong? Maybe, haha.

It's good to see this result, as the employment is also increasing. It shows that IT sector in Malaysia is not going opposite direction, but is growing, rapidly.

The funny thing is, IT students are so little... And maybe demand and supply theory, not enough graduates to support the industry, so the salary increase to attract more people in IT....?

Many people choose IT at the beginning not because they want it, I believe half of it is because of their SPM result is not sufficient to take engineering or other courses, so they just choose IT blindly.

But wise say: "Without interest, it's very difficult to success".

Work hard for it, high salary == high pressure.

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yung . said...

"Without interest, it's very difficult to success", totally agreed. Now I am wondering whether to continue to venture in the Engineering field which I am not interested in, or not.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

yung: hard decision, if I were you, will try first, if really hate it, do until hair fall, then I will change job.

good luck!

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