Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Noob's Historical Moment.

Today, I sitting in front you,

the time is 11:13 am,

25th June, 2008,

A historical moment has happened;

This may not be a success,

but a brave start is half of it.


We may not be the one,

that people will remember forever;

But it's a moment,

where mark the starting point;

And say Hello to the World.




OK, enough crap, I just want to say I just done my VERY first Java compilation, "Hello World!"~ Cold! Very noob!

(For readers who don't know, here Java is a programming language, not the island at Indonesia)

061204_big_daddy_java, baby talk Java now. (comic from )

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Tien Soon said...

Yo man... welcome to Java world, welcome to the bright side haha :p

Check out Eclipse IDE, then you will start to love Java :D

And yes, I'm loving Java, since 4 years ago

VHanded Cheepeng said...

tiensoon: you influence me a lot with Java~ MAYBE this will be my mothertougue in the future~

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