Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Multimedia University feel earthquake from Indonesia

This morning, 2 powerful earthquakes has struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and can be felt in Malaysia and Singapore. The first earthquake struck at 6 March 2007, 10.49am in the morning, and the second strike 6 March 2007, at 1:49pm(both in local Malaysian time).

MMU Melaka was closed down because of the earthquake.
Due to some safety reasons, MMU security evacuated all the students from all buildings, and cancel all the lecture and tutorial classes. During the earthquake, I am still doing experiment about gravity  by using pendulum, at 5th floor of FBL building, and luckily I got 9.9m/s^2 for my gravity acceleration, still accurate.

I didn't feel the earthquake, maybe I leave the lab earlier, because I am in charging the security of open ceremony during Career Fair at 1:30pm.

At first, people spreading rumors that all students in FBL building were evacuated. I not really believe it, as I am more believe my own eyes and own ears. But more and more peoples talk about that, and I start to curious about it, until I saw this warning on the whiteboard behind Law School.

Earth Quake

At first I think that that is some naughty student's masterpiece, but with a security guard beside it, and the whiteboard was blocking the road, like grabbing people's attention. Luckily our Career Fair still going on, and the visitors were so crowded, maybe people use the canceled class period to visit our event.

Hope this time don't have too many people sacrifice in the disaster. For more information about the earthquake, please visit http://www.kjc.gov.my. And, please, don't destroy our sub marine data cable again.

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Wahlau.NET said...

We did feel some sway in Klang for like 10 secs too

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