Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to download video from YouTube?

Since February 2005, YouTube was founded by 3 PayPal employees, by using Adobe Flash technology. The first purpose to design that website is to publish friends' birthday video, who even know that after 2 years later, it's value can achieve USD1.65billion? Now it already belongs to Google.

To protect the licence of a video, YouTube only allow viewers to view the video live, and not allow the viewers to download it. This is for good sake, but some users don't like to view the video just in the Internet browser, they want to download it and view it with other players and show off in handphone, then, what should they do?

Method 1: Firefox
Firefox got a lot of extensions, one of it is Media Pirates: The Video Downloader. But first, you had to install Firefox, you can get it from the right side of my sidebar. For the extension, you can download it from here

media pirates

media pirates icon

After installed the extension(or plugin), go to www.youtube.com, and search for the video that you want to download. Notice the Media Pirates will become clickable. Click it and it will link you to MediaPirates.org page, click download it now, and save the file type as ".SLV", that's all. After download it, play it with FLV player. You can get the player at here.

Method 2:
Download it directly from web. Notice the URL box below?
Copy the URL, enter http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php, and paste the URL in the box, then click the download button on the right side of it, done. The FLV Player can be download here.


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Kleio da Muse... a fan of Vhanded's blog. said...

Another good and informative post wor. Kudos Vhanded. Keep it on.

I am a worshipper of Firefox. Actually I am using Firefox Portable. I don't know if there is actually any differences between the two or not. But, I still love it. Love Firefox for all its versatility and especially for the awesome extensions.

I a currently using Videodownloader (another video downloading extension for Firefox). Works okay. Haven't tried the one you mentioned.

Care to delve deaper into Firefox and its portable browser? It would be a good read no doubt :D LOL. Just a suggestion ;)

vhanded said...

Thanks. I shocked with the identity: a fans of vhanded's blog.... Anyway, at least I know someone read my blog, thank you. Actually is TienSoon that inspire me to use FireFox. But until now, some ActiveX component can't run with FireFox, for example, the Media Player can't play in Live Spaces, so I had to use Internet Explorer...

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