Monday, March 12, 2007

Spamming with Mobik

Recently, I always received sms from friends who started to use a free SMS service from the web. This service is free, cool, and easy to use. It's called Mobik.


My event director start to use it to send SMS to us, my friends use it to chat with me(I know it's ridiculous), and advertisers use it to spread their products, an even "Ah Long" (High interest illegal loaner) use it to spread about their packages.

When you receive a sms, with the sender name "Mobik", and at the end of the message, will attach together with some products like Cola-Coca's slogan. This is why you can use the service for free. Advertisers start to invest in new type of advertisement, instead of traditional TV commercial and newspaper, since nowadays younger don't like to read newspaper.

Is free good really good?
For this question, I think for it for a long time. We all want free things, from operating system to software, we want free. But, some use this service commercially illegally, I think this is not fair to advertisers, as this will dry out their budget faster, but who care? People just want free.

Maybe in the future, every handphones will have preinstalled spam sms blocker, maybe.

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hcfoo said...

I received sms from my ebay buyer who's using mobik too. And I don't really like it.nick

vhanded said...

Yes, especially when someone use it to send fake messages, and we dont know the sender, shit.

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