Friday, March 30, 2007

Things to know before study in Multimedia University, MMU.

OK, I state myself as a first year(Alpha Year) student in MMU, and all the information that I given here is purely based on my personal experience and observation.

I love computers. And I want to study Software Engineer in my Degree study, and MMU is definitely the best private university I ever seen, I never regret to choose this university. Here I am not going to talk about how to apply or what courses do MMU offer(you can get all these on MMU website, ).

What differentiate local university with private university? Cost, and races ratio. I know this touched sensitive issues, but it's a very serious problem to know before study there for years.

In primary and secondary study, both my schools are mostly(more than 99.9%) Chinese dominated, and I seldom mix with other races. Moreover, news like race discrimination and fighting between races in university and secondary schools always appear in media, I still remember the UM cases....

However, in private university that allow whoever can pay for tuition fee(or study fee) with not really bad result to enter the university, therefore, the ratio in the university is quite equal between races. This make the discrimination difficult to happen. My observation told me that MMU students are friendly.

People always said MMU is Money Making University, and their tuition fees is the highest top 3 in Malaysia. Why don't you check on Inti website? It's roughly the same as MMU tuition fee, plus MMU has strong attachment with the giant company like Microsoft, Ericsson, Motorola, and more. So when you seek for job, this may be your advantage.

Accommodation in MMU is ... more than enough. You can choose to stay in on-campus hostel(I strongly not recommend!), or choose off-campus accommodation, like Ixora Apartment, Emerald Park(EP), Bukit Beruang University(BBU) and more.

MMU accomodation

Ixora Apartment
I choose to write about this first, as I had stay here for almost 1 study year.
Pros: This is a beautiful place with swimming pool, tallest building in Bukit Beruang, nearest to MMU, and with a shade from Ixora to MMU, so worry for raining.

Cons: Expensive, lousy management, noisy voice from Indonesian students, throwing rubbish, eggs, and water bag from higher floor, and fatal accident happen here last year. Management like to control us, no girls allowed in boys apartment.

Emerald Park
Near to campus, especially to faculties building. 4-storey only(won't cause fatal fall).

Cons: Expensive rental, expensive fixed utility fees, but if over used still need to pay more(is that called fixed?) Environment in the apartment is dark, smelly, no place to hang washed cloths, look exactly like underground tunnel.

University Green
Pros: No restriction from management unit, beautiful and cool design, with swimming pool.

Cons: Quite expensive and far from MMU(about 15~20 minutes walk), no shade.

Taman Dahlia House
: Cheap in rental, quiet. If lucky, can meet owners that provide electric appliance.

Cons: Quite far from faculties, no shade, a little bit deserted.

Bukit Beruang University
Pros: Quite cheap, no restriction(can bring girls to boys' house)

Cons: so far~~~

On-Campus Hostel
Pros: near, near, near.

Cons: 3 persons sharing room, very restricted, expensive, full of birds' shit, very smelly, noisy.

Transport and Entertainment
Hehe, I think I am writing the most interesting part... Ok, I admit that sometimes we need some entertainment. In Melaka campus, you can only find 1 movie theater in Mahkota Parade, and that place is obviously the most crowded mall in Melaka. Besides that, another higher class shopping mall, Dataran Pahlawan, was established last year, just right in front of Mahkota Parade. The nearest shopping center must be the Jusco and Tesco. These places provide daily utilities. For transport, there are plenty of buses passed by everyday. Just ask the bus driver about the location you want to go and they will guide you. Taxies are widely available in Melaka, but all are not in charge by meter, but purely on their mood. Sometimes I feel that travel in KL is cheaper than Melaka.

Hope these information can help those secondary school graduates to choose their campus rightly, especially those who want to enter by June Intake.

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Anonymous said...

how to put 3 ppl into the campus hostel room lah?

last time i stay there 2 person per room also wanna die oredi...but its the best place for freshies!

Anonymous said...

Im from mmu cyberjaya. I'll recommended for those who love torrent better stay at man..Im just lovin it all dat stuff free movie ..wuhuu

Anonymous said...

It is university that full with racist lecture, if you are Chinese i advise to come and study here, many chines lecture they pass the student from the same race without any effort from the student. , other race will be wasting time here as i see,, i stuck with 3 subject for one more year with this chines lectures, one of them told me if i don't like you will not pass,, i tried to complain they were covering each other since the our dean from the same race. so my advise if you are not chines don't come to here,, you will suffered and your complaining will not heard.

Anonymous said...

Are u for real?

Anonymous said...

That would be unbelievably stupid and unprofessional. I HOPE THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE, KARMA WILL BITE BAD ASSES. Some race needed to be help due to elevate their socioeconomic status. No reason to call that as racist move. Thus, u can help your race but at the same time do not act foolishly, unprofessional , vengeful towards students of other races whom you may have personal vengeance or hatred. Forget bout our traditional race (at least for now). Be like americans and just focus on building successful life with extensive use of ENGLISH. Not too much malay,indian,or chinese language. Let's all go for singularity. Our ethnic cultures will always be here, nothing should be worried about. THANK YOU

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