Friday, March 16, 2007

Do you all know about

Everyday when I check my traffic sources, most of it will redirect from, and some from other sites. However, links from search is the less, I remember someone said: "As we all know, most of our traffic came from search engine." ,But I say, that's true only if your blog can stand at the top 10 result of the search, but how many can do it?

Last month, I found another ping blog service, call, and since that day, I ping on both PetalingStreet and BlogsMalaysia. But until 1 month later, or today, the traffic from BlogsMalaysia is still so less! 1 site can direct 60 visitors, another just 1 visitor, or 0.

Quite sad to see the result. Both are providing the same services, but BlogsMalaysia was too young to compete with PetalingStreet, as it just in testing stage. How good if all bloggers ping on both services, and make the traffic of their sites increase dramatically?

Please help that pinging service survive.

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