Thursday, March 22, 2007

Intel processors' prices will drop by April?

My friend saw an article at LowYat.Net, and he told me that Intel will coming out with their new price list for their high end processors--Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad, by April 22, 2007.

To prove it.
That's my attitude. I don't like rumor. I want an exact answer. So I quickly Google for "April 22 Intel new price", and the first result is from RegHardware, a popular site about latest IT news.

Here is the current price list and future price list:

Models Current Price After 22 April
Q6600 RM2978.00 RM1855.00
E6300 RM640.50 RM570.50
E6400 RM851.20 RM640.50
E6600 RM1106.00 RM784.00
E6700 RM1855.00 RM1106.00
E4300 RM570.50 RM395.50
E4400 - RM465.50
E6320 - RM570.50
E6420 - RM640.50

* all prices are converted from USD to MYR with 3.5 rate.

Wow! Now I can target a higher performance processor!
Last time, I customize my PC(just customize on paper), and it cost me RM5000++ for that desktop. That time, because of limited budget (RM5k?, yes indeed.), I just target for E6400, and it cost RM815... Now with the new price list, I can use a lower price and get E6600! Yeah!

Instead of getting a cheaper price processor to cut down budget, I prefer to use my budget to buy better processor, for better investment, right? hehe.

I do some research on the Quad Core processor, and found that the price in Malaysia is much higher than the US price. At LowYat PC Zone, the Q6600 cost RM3360, RM400 more expensive than convert from USD.

Some upcoming processor like E4400, is a 2GHz, 2MB L2 cache, and support 800MHz FSB, while E6320 and E6420 will come with 4MB L2 cache.

Looks like Windows Vista bring a new revolution to the IT industry. The upcoming Pikom PC Fair at 14 April may have the least processor sell in the history, maybe.

Here is the site I found the news.


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