Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yahoo! to offer unlimited storage

Today I visited LowYat.Net to search for some new threads, as usual, I will browse the latest news at the main page first. Wow! Yahoo! will provide UNLIMITED storage to it's e-mail service, Yahoo! Mail!

This surprisingly offer will start on May 2007, in conjunction with Yahoo! Mail 10 years anniversary. Back to 1997, when Yahoo! just came out with the e-mail service, I played it once, but during that time, e-mail functions still not complex as today, very limited usage, and, not to mention, a freaking small 2MB storage, can't even send a mp3 or photo.

Now, I am using Gmail from Google, just because of the 1GB storage space in year 2004 gave me a good impression about it, and until now, I still love Gmail.

Do we really need unlimited storage?
Since I started to use Gmail in 2004, I seldom delete my mail, unless the mail is junk or duplicated forwarded mails from friends. Gmail upgraded their storage in year 2005, and increasing. 3 years later in the future, or now, I just used up 24%(706MB) of my 2833MB storage.

With unlimited storage, people tend to store everything in their accounts. This is a new kind of pollution--digital pollution. More and more data stored in the online account, all sorts of information, useful or junk, all together, while in the other hand, the e-mail service providers keep adding storage to their servers...

Now Yahoo! successfully show something to Google, and sure Google will show something to it. (hope is the final release of Gmail, yea!)

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