Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another Gmail innovation: Gmail Paper is here.

This is a really cool feature from Gmail, and I think no one have ever thing about this before! The new feature from Gmail--Gmail Paper, is a revolutionary method to manage your mail. You can touch it, write on it(using pen or pencil), tear it(by hand), throw it into a recycle bin(real recycle bin).

What is Gmail Paper?
Normal email services just allow you to receive mails in electronic way, this is good, as you don't need to print it out and this can save your money and environment. However, some mails are better to be held on hand, like photos. But the process is irritating: download, run printing application, print; and most of the time I will just gave up to print, just because of money.(1 piece of glossy photo paper is expensive)

Now Gmail Paper is here! You don't need to print it out by yourself, just click the Paper Archive button in your Gmail.

(screenshot from Gmail)

Gmail will send the mail to your house in a beautiful Gmail box, right in front your doorstep.

Here is some cool fact about Gmail Paper:

  1. It's free, because every mail that arrived your doorstep were sponsored, and the advertisement will appear at the back of your paper printed in red bold color.
  2. Attachment files... depends on what files is that. If it is  photo, Gmail will print it in high quality glossy photo paper. For mp3 and other unprintable files, Gmail would like to recommend you to preserve the file and not to print it.
  3. You can print out unlimited copies of mails, from hundred to million, all free, no limit. But use your brain well while printing these.
  4. Just need 2~4 days of business day to process.
  5. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum, and if you use Gmail Paper, you will save environment, as you don't need to use real paper to print your mail.

Do Gmail Paper really environmental friendly?
Although Gmail use organic recycled paper as their medium, but how much recycled paper in this world can support gigantic of Gmail usage everyday? Maybe this can boost the value of recycling paper, and help environment indirectly. As TienSoon said about Paperless or Paper Less, people still rely much on paper.

For now, Gmail Paper still not available yet and just open to beta tester. Hope I can try the service soon.

Thanks for read it, its April Fool!

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