Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First High Budget Malaysian Animation

Malaysia will release her first High Budget Animated Series, name Saladin. This project was carried out by MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) to develop the information and communication technology industry and selected services in Malaysia.

Who is Saladin?
Saladin, or Salahuddin Ayyubi(so-lah-hood-din al-aye-yu-be), is an Islamic Warrior who united the Muslim world at a time when the Muslim factions were in disarray. This animated series that have 26 episodes cost about RM10 RM10million! Yesterday, I watch a 6 minutes trailer of the animation, the graphic is quite detail, and feel 3D, but the producer said, the trailer already cost RM400,000!!


The future of this animation
With this high-cost, we all expect a high quality animation can be produce. However, Saladin is a story of an Islamic Warrior, and in this unstable time of Islam-Christian relations, I think this animation may not has good response from the West. In my opinion, the reason why the producer want to choose this theme, may because this is Malaysia, without an Islamic theme, Malaysian government won't give full support on the development. This is a risky bet, because if this project success,
Malaysia will become a new region of Multimedia Development; if fail, this will give a heavy negative influence to Malaysia's IT industry, and it will be difficult to carry out another high budget animation project. As a part of the learner into this industry, let us hope this project will success.

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