Saturday, January 6, 2007

Welcome to Manchester!

Manchester, a city that related with football, the world most popular sport game, always been dreamed by most Manchester United Football Club fans. The ultra high flight ticket to there was too expensive, and previously only MAS(Malaysia Airline System) has granted to land at the destination.

RM9.99 is the lowest!
Yesterday, AirAsia announced that the one way ticket to Manchester, Britain, will be only RM9.99(exclude tax). AirAsia slogan changed from "Now Everybody Can Fly" to "Now Everybody Can Fly Extra-Long", and plans to buy 20 aircraft to service the various routes it had been given by the Government. The service will start on July 2007, but consumer can start booking their ticket through online start from next month.


Compare with MAS...
I "simulate" to book a ticket from MAS, and choose the lowest fair option. To make the ticket cheaper, I choose the date on next month, so it wont be rush. After the system generate the fare for the one way trip, the cheapest is RM2534.00, and it is just Economy Seat! Look like MAS will lose the Airline War, totally, if government keep giving routes to AirAsia. That's why MAS will make an economic lose in the previous years!

Why can this low-fare-incident happen?
In my opinion, MAS is extremely expensive because of it's good onboard services. They provide LCD TV behind every seats, games, music, and wider seats. But, that's only suitable for those rich bastard(my slang for rich people). Most people not really appreciate that kind of service, they just want to arrive their destination, and start what they had planned. For a short distance from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, I manage to book a ticket for RM0.99, after add up the tax, is approximately RM42.00, but if you take MAS, they will charge you more than RM200.00, that's 4 times expensive! Of course, MAS provide candy and light meal onboard, and AirAsia need to purchase it onboard, but even included the price of food on AirAsia's flight, it still much cheaper than MAS ticket.

AirAsia's plane
Maybe my experience is not enough to make a deep comparison between AirAsia and Malaysia Airline System, because I just fly once... But I believe that one-time-experience already enough to 'ketuk' (Malay slang that means scold or say something bad about it) MAS. AirAsia's plane is not wide, minus the departure and landing's acceleration and deceleration feeling, the rest is just feel like bus. If AirAsia want to fly to far destination like United Kingdom, I think they need a more comfortable seat for their passengers. 

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