Thursday, January 4, 2007

From Windows Live Spaces to Blogger

I think for about 5 minutes before start this 'First' blog.
Since 2005 May, I had been writing blog using MSN Spaces. (Currently know as Windows Live Spaces) All my sweet and sour experience, and some techie stuff were recorded and blogged in the spaces. Her name is The Fifth Dimension, But now, I had made my mind to move my main blog site to Blogger....

I think most bloggers out there know the reason. Blogger looks more professional as a blogging tools, compared to Windows Live Spaces that looks more like a diary, or entertainment platform. Other than that, Windows Live Spaces cant let me easily track down the traffic of my blog(there is a way actually, but very troublesome). By using Alexa to track the traffic, Alexa just record down the whole Live Spaces User's traffic, and not my single site's traffic. The first time I saw the data: walao! my site so popular?!

Freedom to edit it.
In the 1 and half years of Live Spaces blogging experience, I always face difficult to edit some entry with HTML code. Due to security reason, some HTML and javascript cannot be use in the Spaces, I even can't host a video from YouTube in my blog. The HTML template was also irritating, can someone tell me, 900 characters enough for certain HTML code?

Financial Benefit
This is a factor that drew my attention. Previously when I using Live Spaces, I cant add advertisement, like Adsense, into my blog. The only service that Live Spaces provide is Kanoodle, quite irritating too, a lots of stupid questions and rules.

Is Live Spaces really sucks?
NO, although Live Spaces' function and controllability are limited, but 1 thing i like about Live Spaces is when I update my blog, it will automatic add a star beside my contact in Live Messenger, this will notify other contact to view my updates.

So how about the Live Spaces?
For now, I will keep working on both blogs, but I will put more effort on this blog, most of my exploration and story will put in this blog. A little bit disappointed, because my Live Spaces just approved by PayPerPost yesterday!

This blog will look a bit messy, I will rearrange it when I am free, currently is exam week. Bye!

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