Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Desktop customization.

Currently using a 3-year-old Acer laptop, let's put aside how sucks is Acer's products and services, now this laptop is getting slow and slow(actually is the software installed in it are getting  complicate), and I can't wait 3 minutes for startup Windows and 2 minutes to startup Photoshop.

My dream PC (for now only)
I don't target a laptop anymore, because I not really need the mobility of it(maybe last minute will change my mind, who knows?) This is my target for now:

Processor          : Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz            RM840
Memory             : 1GB Kingston DDR2 667 RAM                 RM395
Display              : BenQ 19" FP92W TFT LCD                    RM725
Mouse               : Just a simple SAMSUNG mouse               RM28
Keyboard           : Logitech... maybe... need to try out
Motherboard       : Intel 945PLRNL                                   RM309
Sound Card        : not highly demand, use build in.
Display card       : not a gamer, later.
Harddisk            : W/D 250GB buffer size 16MB                 RM290
Floppy              : Only buy it when needed( it's outdated!!)
Optical Drive      : LG DVD Writer                            about RM125
Speaker            : A simple Sonic Gear TATOO 303              RM38
CPU Fan            : Cooler Master LGA775 FAN                     RM80
Power Supply     : Cooler Master - Extreme Power 430Watt RM139
Webcam            : decide later
OS                   : Windows Vista Home Premium Edition  RM600++

(all prices are from

The total is RM3569, plus some additional accessories like keyboard and webcam, maybe still under RM4000, yeah! Inside my budget! And the price is keep falling too!

BenQ 19" FP92W TFT LCD
This 19 inches monitor let me feel that this is just a Show-Off goods... But I very like it! Nice for my favorite activity--movies, and also good for programming task, wide screen looks wider.

86009 CP-127-IN
Actually, I facing difficulty while choosing between E6400 and E6600. E6400 has a lower clock speed and just 2MB L2 Cache, while E6600 has 2.4GHz and 4MB L2 Cache. At last, I remember a technique call Overclocking. However, the new Core 2 Quad shook my decision towards Core 2 Duo...

I feel very annoying when I hear the noisy fan's sound from the lousy Intel CPU Fan of my friend's computer, so I decide to change it to Cooler Master CPU Fan.

Actually, I just make a time-to-time comparison for this system, see whether new products came out or price fall. To my surprise, the first time I customize the PC, it cost me more than RM4500!! I will only buy my PC after my 3rd semester, while that time I move to Cyberjaya MMU Campus, wow! Still collecting suggestions from seniors whether a laptop or a desktop is better.

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