Friday, January 26, 2007

What you will do with Death Note?

Based on the popular manga (Japanese Comic), Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name (pronounced as Desu nôto in Japanese) were filmed into movies, and I were impressed by the detective storyline. The story is about a university top student, Yagami Light, accidently picked up a book of Death God, and who ever name written in that book, will die. Light use the book to kill the criminals who successfully survived from law, and his action were strongly disagreed by law taker. A genius detective, L, were hired to find out who did that. The story goes on while Light try to kill L, but L try to find evidences to jugde Light.


If I got a death note...
I really dont know what to do with it. Killing people by using it, I really can't make it. But imagine if this book felt into one of the politician, what happen to Malaysia? Haha, just kidding, no such thing in the world... No matter what, we can't give death to other by our own.

Yagami Light ( Tatsuya Fujiwara )

A handsome university student, accidently picked up a Death Note and decide to bring a Whole New world by killing criminals with his Death Note. People call the person(Light) who killing criminals as Kira.

L ( Ken'ichi Matsuyama)

A genius detective that hired to find out who is killing those criminals. A wierd and horror look, and always eat sweet foods.

Misa Amane (Erika Toda )

A singer that admire Kira. She has the second Death Note, and she combined with Light to help him success. Has a cute look, and very mentally strong.

This is really a good movie, must watch. Maybe not as good as Oscar movie, but for action movie lover, this is enough. But before you watch the second episode, please watch the first one, to understand the story. What you think? What you will do with Death Note? Comment it.

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