Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vista will only Available on Feb 3rd... in Malaysia

Malaysia always slower than other country, even launching of Vista. Microsoft just announced that Windows Vista will launch at Low Yat, Feb 3rd, Saturday 8pm (night!?). After seen Tien Soon's Tech Blog, I visit Low Yat website to find some info about it, and I am really impressed by the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition sign by Bill Gates himself.

How to get it?
I won't gonna buy Ultimate Edition, it's too expensive. But I still hope there will be a special price for Malaysia's market. To get the special Ultimate edition with signature of Bill Gates, one has to group up 3 or 4(maximum) members to join the Vista Walk Hunt, and only the winner team can get it. I think I will find some friends to join the hunt and grab some prizes. Visit the site and download the registration form.

Really hope can win the prize, and save up my budget to buy Vista Home Edition, yeah!

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