Sunday, January 14, 2007

Generate your own E-MAIL Signature

Oh no! 1000+ spam again?!

How they got my mail?
Actually, those spammer got my e-mail when I display my e-mail publicly on other website, like forum. An e-mail scanner will scan through the websites and send spam to me.

How to fight this problem?
One effective way to prevent other spammer to get your e-mail is to display your e-mail in image form, because the scanner can only read text form, for example:


How to generate this cool signature?
I always thought someone custom made it, but many website use the same signature style, then I start to realize that there must be a generator. Try this. This generator can generate e-mail for any other service provider, like MSN, Hotmail, etc.

Other way to bypass the e-mail scanner is to write your e-mail in this form:


try it.

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