Sunday, January 7, 2007

Visit Malaysia Year 2007, I think this time it'll success

Almost every year, Malaysia Government will launch Visit Malaysia Year(VMY), and in previous year, this seems not successful enough. Yesterday, I watch the launch of VMY 2007 live through TV1, and the open ceremony really shocked me. 1 coolest sentence by Pak Lah(Malaysia's Prime Minister):

"You don't need to go China to learn Chinese's culture; you don't need to do India to learn Indian's Culture, come to 1 place, pay for 1 price, and you will learn all 3 cultures, Visit Malaysia!"

The open ceremony was held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. That night, the whole sky was projected with green laser beam and spot light, colorful fireworks brighten the sky of the dark night. Anita Sarawak and Michael Wong were invited to heat up the night, Although the initial part of the open ceremony was raining, but the 30,000 people crowd never decrease, all were attracted by these 2 celebrities' strong vocal.

The stage during the open ceremony.


Wow, is this London?


No no no, you are not in London, this is Malaysia New Ferris Wheel, named Eye On Malaysia, measuring nearly 60 meters high at the center of Lake Titiwangsa. This ride offer a chance to catch a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur, and all 42 gondolas are FULLY air conditioned. The entrance fee is just RM15 for adult, and RM8 for children and old folks. The fee included a ferry-fetch from a mini-port at the Lake Titiwangsa to the small island where this Ferris Wheel located. similar to the `London Eye`, ' Eye On Malaysia' will be one of the major attractions to lure tourists here for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. If can go with girlfriend, I can imagine how romantic is the environment. (just imagine only, I am still single...haiz)


Fantastic Firework!!

In that night, I guess the firework already cost more than 1 million Ringgit.


Hope this time the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 will much more better than previous year.

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