Friday, January 12, 2007

The new iPhone from Apple.

Apple just announced their new product----Apple iPhone. I feel so excited to write this blog, I can't believe Apple's achievement, by year 2000, it almost fall, but iPod save it; then convert to Intel's Processor; now, it came out with a widescreen iPod, a phone, and a Internet communicator, but all these things are not 3 separate devices, it's is in ONE device, call iPhone.

hand on iphone

Compare to other Smart phone
Ok, let say Blueberry: Blueberry has a complete QWERTY keyboard below the screen, and the body is quite wide and look fat, each keys will only have 1 function, and cannot change easily. Even you don't want to use the keys, the keys will still there. For other smart phone without QWERT keyboard, I will just skip it.

Now we say HP iPaq: HP iPaq has a touch screen that allow us to input data....... with a stylus(oh, come on!). In a hurry, it will read Apple as Apply, and not enough sensitive. Most of the time, iPaq user will end up using their fingers to input data rather than a stylus, because their troublesome styluses were lost, or too slow. 
I think the comparison is enough.

Screen size          :   3.5 inches
Screen resolution:   320x480 (160ppi)
Input method      :    Multi-touch, of course!
Operating System:    Mac OS X (OS X in a phone?!!)
Storage                :    4GB or 8GB (Standard iPod storage)
GSM                     :    Quad-band(850,900,1800,1900)
Wireless data       :    Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0
Camera                :    2.0Megapixels
Battery                :    5 hours for talk/video/browsing
                                 16 hours for Audio playback
Dimension           :    4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches (Quite small)
Weight                :    135 grams (only)

Slide to unlock

Look at the name, you can guess what it is. Yes, this is a technology invented by Apple, to replace the keyboard, and no stylus require, all by fingers. Apple promise that this touch screen will different from ordinary touch screen panel, as Multi-touch is more sensitive and more accurate than ordinary touch screen. Another most obvious different is Multi-touch can receive multiple touch on the screen at the same time. Ordinary touch panel can only receive 1 touch. You can't press 2 spots at the same time. Like a mouse pointer, all computers have only 1 mouse cursor, but in Multi-touch, Apple make it possible to have multiple cursor. (The mouse cursor that I mean is your fingers). This will definitely bring revolution to cell phone design.

Other extreme feature
iPhone has a motion sensor. Motion Sensor? Yes, the screen will automatic toggle into vertical view if you hold your iPhone straight, and it will change to widescreen view if you hold your iPhone horizontally. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE. iPhone also come with build in Google Map!

My opinion on this New Gadget
After some comparison, I found that Apple iPhone just sell at a relatively low price, just from USD499 to USD599, depends on the storage size. It's RM1,754.06 and RM2,105.57, with 1 USD = 3.51515 MYR.  This phone sounds like a phone, and actually, it's a MAC. Why I said that? This phone has a OS X installed in it as OS, and it also has some MAC stuff, like Widgets and Safari(MAC Internet Browser). 1 thing that I feel disappoint for this phone is the lack of WCDMA, or we call it 3G.

Apple lawsuit over iPhone name
Networking giant, Cisco sued Apple to forbid Apple from using the name 'iPhone' a Cisco trademark since 2000, so it won't make any confusion to consumers who want to buy Cisco's iPhone. Who will win? Even now I search for iPhone, all the information are related only to Apple iPhone, Cisco iPhone seems like never visible.

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